"STRESSED: a band out of Colorado Springs released a four song demo over the summer of 2014. The songs are grungy and the bass is heavy. They have stellar vocal creativity, in one song chanting on the off beats and on another group chanting the count in. If you close your eyes, Stressed creates an aesthetic similar to standing front row in your local VFW and conjures nostalgic feelings that your hometown heroes are making you apart of their rock and roll experience. You can tell by the advanced composition of the songs that the band members have years of music making under their belts. The entrance of the songs will engage you, the chorus' will have you singing along, and the bridges will have you doing a jig with a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Although this is their first demo, Stressed has their sound on lock, and I am already anticipating their next release. I have no doubt that you too will love them and listen to this four song demo over and over again. It's heavy. It's grungy. It's rock and fucking roll."


    I give them- 5 Brews, 3 Doobs, and 4 thumbs up.