• Twin Peaks

    Twin Peaks

    "TWIN PEAKS: Rock n' Rollers hailing from Chicago, Il, a place where the music scene is built off house shows, Malort, and Hamms. Twin Peaks formed in 2009 while the band members were still young guns in high school, booking as many shows as possible in attempts to get their name on the scene. In 2013 they debuted their Freshman album "Sunken" which has an aesthetic resembling that of their house show roots. With the guitar filling the air, the drums clammoring foundation and the vocals smoothly nestled throughout, the reverb serves to draw everything into a pleasing and cohesive sound. Topped by delicious classic riffs and the sweet sweet groove of the bass, "Sunken" gives you twenty minutes of fuzz filled Rock n' Roll enjoyment.

    In 2014, they followed up "Sunken" with their Sophomore album "Wild Onion" which had a noticeably more mature sound and professional production quality. They honed in on their 70s garage style vibe reminiscent of The Rolling Stones while diving deeper into punk influences such as The Dead Boys and Jay Retard. To put it bluntly, "Wild Onion" gives me the "I'm heartbroken, fuck my ex, I want to smoke some herbage, drink some cervazas to the cabaza and jam out" kinda feelin'. This album birthed one single and a follow-up video for the song "Flavor" which if at first listen resonates heavily with KISS' most popular "Rock and Roll All Night" then finishes with Twin Peaks own sound of classic anthem rock. You will find yourself humming this at work or more realistically on the way to pick up that "dime-bag" because, like a jerk, you smoked all your stash last night listening to this album. Do yourself a solid and get this album, throw it on the record player, kick back and proceed to listen to just how vinyl worthy they are. Heartbroken young dudes making wholesome jams that even a forty year old rocker would vibe on."

    I give them . 3.5 cerveza, 3 doobs, and 4 thumbs up.