• Adam Leech

    Adam Leech is an entepreneur and a craftsman who, if you're lucky, you can catch working in his vintage/collectable/record store "The Leechpit" on the west side of Colorado Springs, CO. The store is owned and run by Leech and his wife and has an array of only the most awesome handpicked vintage clothing, accessories, tshotkies, and records.  Everything is in great condition which limits the mindless perusing through racks and racks of unkempt merchandise that you are more likely to find in your local goodwill. 

    One of the more specific things you will find at the Leechpit are one-of-a-kind "Hobo Nickles" which are hand carved by Leech himself.  The history of hobo nickles dates back to the Great Deperession where craftsmen as well as the homeless managed to survive by utilizing a buffalo nickel as their canvas in which they would carve into it a unique scene which could be given in exchange for a meal, shelter for the night, or a ride to the next town. Leech began carving his own "Leech Nickles" after hearing about this art tradition through some of his whittling pals in the Pikes Peak Whittlers Association. He became so enthralled with the culture and the creation of the "hobo nickels" that he decided to create a documentary to honor and preserve the time old tradition. The documentery follows Leech as he hitch hikes from Colorado Springs, CO to the hobo convention in Tampa, FL. While the documentery is yet to be released, you can find the trailer on his website (link below). Leech has taken his "Leech Nickles" and set them into rings which are availble at his store or, even more conveniently, through Etsy.  Be a part of a beautiful american folk art tradition and support local buisness by purchasing one now!

    Adam Leech- Etsy

    Leechpit Website- Leechpit