• Nathantravis

    Nathan Travis, a Colorado based artist, has challenged himself to sketch at least one portrait a day for 365 days, and as a tool to track his progress and keep himself honest he posts them on his social media platforms.  Nearing the quarter point of the challenge, Travis has no plans of letting up. He is consistent in reaching out to his friends over Facebook asking them to send along atypical selfies i.e. different angles and expressive faces. The superior work he has produced in so little time is just a testament to his artistic capabilities. Taking the minimal pencil to paper, Travis creates small masterpieces every day. To see more of his creations click the link  Nathan Travis creations 

    "I am a 34 year old artist living in Colorado Springs. I started fiddling around with art as young as I can remember. I was first inspired by my father who would always be working on some sort of projects around our home. He would paint murals on our bedroom walls and let us decide the theme we wanted. As a elementary student I was lucky enough to be able to go to Bemis art school at the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center. There I learned the basics from mixing my own colors from things found in nature such as berries and dirt to sculpting clay. As I grew older I seemed to always have friends that were also artists. This would keep me on my toes because a lot if them were far better than I was at the time. I would strive to be as good as them and they would do the same. In high school I met the largest influence of my art life, Floyd Tunson, my high school art teacher. He had a way about him that made you feel like you could be a real artist. He taught me that art could be whatever I wanted art to be without any boundaries. I honestly believe I am still painting today because of what he taught me. Over the years I have experimented with all sorts of mediums from spray paint to photoshop. My favorite medium is pencil on paper. You can get so much variety of emotions just with a dark line on a white piece of paper. To this day 90% of all my work starts as a line drawing. As I grow older I still get most if my inspiration from close friends who continue to push the bar higher weather it be through art, music, dance or whatever they find passion in. When I see people succeed in what they love it makes me try to do the same."~~~ Nathan Travis