This months featured artist Is Chicago based MAC BLACKOUT. He's a MAC of all trades in the arts you could say...With great use of vibrant colors and punk rock imagery he has created a slew of images using numerous mediums. What initially drew my eye to MAC were his one-of-a-kind "Doomboxes". First, he attains oldschool boomboxes, you know, the ones normally posted up next to a broken down cardboard box creating the perfect enviroment for a tommy flair. He then brings them to life by painting seriously wicked faces on their forefronts. These faces can only be described as cosmic characters sent from the planet Rockin'-Fuckin'-Roll to blast "South of Heaven". Using a similar bright, bold style his canvas work is just as captivating, utilizing geometric shapes to make the images "pop". You can check out MAC BLACKOUT and his creations directly on his website You can also check out his Etsy store to get your hands on one of his "DOOMBOXES" or limited edition prints.